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Engage More Hoteliers for Allergen-Free Rooms

SHAH ALAM, June 11 (Bernama) — Homegrown manufacturer of air sterilizing equipment and systems, Medklinn International Sdn Bhd plans to intensify engagement with local hotel operators in introducing its Medklinn allergen-free room as a value-added offering on top of the existing options of smoking and non-smoking rooms. Managing director Peter Tham said the alternative to […]

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Having a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Don’t work too hard towards a better life while forgetting to live. Modern society is very often associated with high levels of stress whereby every social group is affected by it. Financial stress is an issue that many working adults face, they are finding it increasingly difficult to meet the standard of living they expect […]

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Is City Living an Urban Nightmare?

Big city living is something we work hard for, but it also comes with a whole lot of worries. We have heard of the Town Mouse and Country Mouse story whereby these two cousins live totally different lives, one of lavish feasts but in constant fear while the other of a more simple but assuring […]

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Travelling with Healthier Air

Travelling has become less healthy when we breathe in high amounts of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that surround us in unfamiliar places but there are ways to improve the situation. Overseas travelling or outstation trips are often unavoidable for many working adults. Many of us travel multiple times a years be it for business or […]

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new house furnishing

New Home Furnishing with Better Priorities

Home furnishing can troublesome and expensive, but with better priorities we are able to plan our spending more wisely. Like all new home owners, we are excited to receive the keys to the property and we probably have so much in mind on what should be done to beautify and make it more conducive for […]

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Controlling the Symptoms of Asthma

Asthma is an inflammatory disease which causes a person’s airway to swell and produce mucus making breathing difficult. This long term condition cannot be cured but there are ways it can be controlled, we find out more here. Over 300 million people in the world presently suffer from asthma. Whether it’s severe or minor, this […]

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bad odours

Balik Kampung the Healthier Way

It’s going to be a long drive back to the hometown again, but let’s have a healthier drive this Hari Raya. Apply for three days of leave and you’ll get nine days off this Raya as it falls on a Wednesday (5 June 2019) and Thursday being a public holiday as well. This gives us […]

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Family in living room

Health: A Mother’s Day Gift

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and finding the perfect meaningful gift can be difficult, here let’s find a practical gift for the superhero in our lives. Honouring all the mothers in their sacrifices for their families, Mother’s Day has been recognised as a public holiday in the United States since the early 20th […]

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