Haze Malaysia

Dealing with Haze in Malaysia

Breathing is not a choice, but breathing clean air especially in this hazy season is. Often, we take things for granted in our lives, we have expectations of the things around us. In Malaysia we are protected from major natural disasters and blessed with good weather mostly all year round. But there is one season […]

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road trip - map - medklinn

Having Safer and Healthier Road Trips

With good planning, we can always ensure that our road trips are safer and healthier Going on road trips are fun because it allows us the freedom to plan when to leave, where to go, making little de tours as and when we desire. With the flexibility to adapt and improvise throughout road trips, we […]

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The Major Concerns of Living with Pets

There are some serious considerations that need to be thought out before living with pets.   Pets bring abundance of joy into our lives as we care for them and they reciprocate in their owns ways. In modern society, there are many restrictions imposed on us if we were to live in a high-rise building […]

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