5 Ways to Take Care of your Newborn

Newborns need a lot of attention as they are very fragile, here are some tips on what to do.   After the stages of pregnancy, labour and lastly delivery, you can take your baby home and share the love and joy with all the people around you. Words are hard to describe the love that […]

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Increasing Your Metabolism for Weight Loss

There are a number of ways to increase our body’s metabolic rate to help us lose weight no matter how old we are   Our body’s metabolism is the process of converting the food and drinks that we consume into energy for our daily activities. Combined with oxygen, our food intake is converted to energy […]

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Having Better Sleep at Night

There are many factors that affect our sleep but there are ways for us to get better sleep at night   Many people in urban cities are getting more stressed up than ever with the ever-escalating cost of living where we have to stretch our dollar further and further trying to make ends meet. With […]

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office area

Freshness by Design

Eliminating bad odour by going to the root of the issue and bringing in a breath of fresh air in an interior design company to make it conducive for spurring inspiring ideas. This is what our customer wants in line with what they are doing is an interesting perspective. Medklinn has the privileged to help […]

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Nursing Home

Infections in Nursing Homes

The rate of morbidity among the elderly in nursing homes are becoming more worrisome. The concept of a shared working space allows many of its users to save cost and add convenience with the sharing of equipment and utilities among other things. The arrangements of nursing homes are quite similar with the co-living of many […]

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