Morris Garages India and Medklinn

Morris Garages Motor India Explores Industry-leading Cabin Sterilization Technology For Its Cars To Battle COVID-19

Joins hands with Medklinn to explore its patented CerafusionTM technology to deliver a cleaner and safer in-car experience New Delhi, April 16, 2020: MG Motor India has recently partnered with Singapore-based Medklinn to explore natural sterilization of cabin air and surfaces in its cars. The carmaker will evaluate the viability of installing CerafusionTM , Medklinn‚Äôs […]

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medklinn indoor pollutants

The Health Risks of Second and Third-hand Smoke

Second-hand and third-hand smoke travels farther and affects more people than we may think. Have you ever noticed the strong cigarette smoke smell on another person even after a considerable amount of time after smoking? This is because the harmful pollutants stay on the fabric for a long time. Smoking goes a long way and, […]

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Creating Healthier Living Spaces

In achieving better health, we must be mindful of the things that we surround ourselves with. We are constantly surrounded by all kinds of things during the day and all through the night. These things include buildings, its furniture, fixtures, appliances, and other equipment. Some of them are under our control and there are those […]

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hookah shisha

Of Hookah and Health

The health risks of sharing hookahs may make you reconsider this habit The practice to smoking hookahs (often called shisha) has been a tradition which started centuries ago in Persia. These water pipes allow tobacco to be heated up by burning charcoal of which the smoke is pulled through a metal body and a water […]

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woman coughing in the city

Tackling Infections Effectively

We are constantly surrounded by infectious bacteria and viruses and we need to tackle these threats effectively Bacteria and viruses can be found all around and it is difficult to trace, and an infected person may be carrying these pathogens without showing any symptoms while spreading to other people. This is because pathogens that have […]

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