Morris Garages India and Medklinn

Morris Garages Motor India Explores Industry-leading Cabin Sterilization Technology For Its Cars To Battle COVID-19

Joins hands with Medklinn to explore its patented CerafusionTM technology to deliver a cleaner and safer in-car experience New Delhi, April 16, 2020: MG Motor India has recently partnered with Singapore-based Medklinn to explore natural sterilization of cabin air and surfaces in its cars. The carmaker will evaluate the viability of installing CerafusionTM , Medklinn’s […]

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hookah shisha

Of Hookah and Health

The health risks of sharing hookahs may make you reconsider this habit The practice to smoking hookahs (often called shisha) has been a tradition which started centuries ago in Persia. These water pipes allow tobacco to be heated up by burning charcoal of which the smoke is pulled through a metal body and a water […]

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woman coughing in the city

Tackling Infections Effectively

We are constantly surrounded by infectious bacteria and viruses and we need to tackle these threats effectively Bacteria and viruses can be found all around and it is difficult to trace, and an infected person may be carrying these pathogens without showing any symptoms while spreading to other people. This is because pathogens that have […]

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Movement Control Order Covid19

Things to do at Home Amid COVID-19

Do chores and pick up new skills while staying healthy at home As the COVID-19 pandemic is spreading to the mass population, more and more people are being ordered to stay at home, the news reports that nearly 1 billion people are under lockdown globally. This measure although drastic, is necessary in efforts to contain […]

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Precautions against Coronavirus

We must do our due diligence in keeping ourselves safe from the Coronavirus outbreak As the Coronavirus outbreak which originated in Wuhan, China has been rapidly spreading to different parts of the globe and taking the lives over 700 people and having over 30,000 infected, this worrisome epidemic is quickly becoming a pandemic which poses […]

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The Threat of Coronavirus Outbreaks

We need to be knowledgeable to protect ourselves from this life-threatening virus                         Often causing infections in the nose and throat, most coronaviruses are nothing much to worry about because it will soon subside as our body immunity fights back against the infection. Common […]

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CDC Confirms First US case of Coronavirus that Has Killed 9 in China

Public health officials have confirmed the first U.S. case of a mysterious coronavirus that has sickened hundreds of people in China, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Tuesday. A Snohomish County, Washington State resident who was returning from China on Jan. 15 was diagnosed with the Wuhan coronavirus, according to the CDC. Officials […]

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Influenza A and Our Health

Some simple yet effective methods can reduce the threat of influenza A. Influenza also known as the flu can be categorized into three main types which are influenza A, B, and C. It is transmitted among humans through droplets of disseminated and unprotected coughs and sneezes, that is why the flu can easily spread among […]

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Nursing Home

Infections in Nursing Homes

The rate of morbidity among the elderly in nursing homes are becoming more worrisome. The concept of a shared working space allows many of its users to save cost and add convenience with the sharing of equipment and utilities among other things. The arrangements of nursing homes are quite similar with the co-living of many […]

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Cleaner Air Better Care

RM200,000 ‘ Cleaner Air Better Care ‘ project to prevent cross infections at 14 SJAM dialysis centres Medklinn contributes RM-for-RM in joint effort to help kidney patients KLANG, 4th August 2018 – St. John Ambulance of Malaysia (SJAM) tonight launched a RM200,000 “ Cleaner Air Better Care ” project to upgrade its 14 charity haemodialysis centres throughout […]

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Who is More at Risk of Cross Infection when “Grabbing”: Driver or Passenger?

Mobile e-hailing apps have revolutionized the cab industry in the past few years. These e-hailing apps have made cab riding so much more convenient and reliable for passengers, and have become an extremely viable, flexible, offering an alternative source of income for many people. Win-win. But let’s for a moment look at the under-discussed health […]

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Break Free from Cross Infections

5 Ways to Prevent Cross Infections

1. Clean Your Hands Use soap and warm water. Rub your hands really well for at least 15 seconds. Rub your palms, fingernail, in between your fingers, and the backs of your hands. Or, if your hands do not look dirty, clean them with alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Rub the sanitizer all over your hands, especially […]

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