Safety First at Jaya Grocer: Supermarket outlets are sterilised continuously, 24/7

Jaya Grocer Raises the Bar in Hygiene and Safety

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about a public health situation and increasing concerns about retail safety. Shoppers are taking steps to protect themselves against the virus and they expect retailers to implement proactive measures to keep them safe.

As a result, many retailers have placed safety considerations at the top of their agenda. In addition to practising the prescribed standard operating procedures (SOPs), retailers have begun their search for the best ways to assess, manage and reduce the spread of Covid-19 on their premises.

One retailer has gone the extra mile to ensure that the risks are reduced as much as possible and to contain the spread of the virus. With safety designated as their top priority, grocery retailer Jaya Grocer is taking additional steps to keep its customers and staff safe by investing over RM2 million in extra hygiene and safety measures for all 37 of its outlets nationwide.

“Our focus on safety measures for both our shoppers and staff led to our search for additional ways to increase the level of hygiene in our outlets on a continuous basis. We want our shoppers to feel safe when shopping for groceries, and we also want our staff to feel confident that they are working in a safe and protected environment. This led us to Medklinn’s Cerafusion technology, which sterilises air and surfaces continuously. We have implemented this sterilisation technology to provide added protection and reduce the risk of harmful transmissions,” says Jaya Grocer chief operating officer Molly Loh.

Nozzles emitting active oxygen to keep the supermarket sterilised
Nozzles emitting active oxygen to keep the supermarket sterilised

In addition to strict hygiene practices, she says, all Jaya Grocer outlets are equipped with Medklinn’s Cerafusion sterilisers, which operate 24/7. Medklinn ozone water systems are also utilised by Jaya Grocer for cleaning and washing purposes.

Medklinn is a pioneer in hygiene and sterilisation technology. Since 2005, it has produced air and surface sterilisers and ozone water systems that eliminate 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, mould, allergens, bad odours and pollutants. The Cerafusion technology, which is patented by Medklinn, creates active oxygen consisting of controlled levels of ozone and negative ions, depending on the application. It is chemical-free and environmentally friendly.

“We want to be proactive when it comes to the safety of our customers and staff. Therefore, we are using this sterilisation technology. It also allows us to reduce the amount of chemicals used for sanitising and cleaning. While we make every effort to maintain a safe shopping environment, we are also concerned about the increased use of chemicals for sanitisation. With Medklinn, we are doing our part by embracing technology to reduce chemical usage and incorporate more sustainable hygiene practices,” says Loh.

Beyond the retail industry, various other business sectors are also looking for more effective and efficient ways to increase their hygiene and safety levels.

Medklinn International CEO Peter Tham says, “Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, there has been an increase in the number of businesses looking for additional ways to improve their hygiene and safety measures, especially in the retail, F&B, hospitality, recreation and healthcare sectors around the Asean region and in Europe. It is good that businesses are taking on greater responsibility to provide safer environments for their customers and staff.

The fundamental aspect to increasing safety is by increasing hygiene levels and here is where Medklinn can help as it is our area of expertise. With Cerafusion technology, a higher level of hygiene and safety can be achieved with the continuous sterilisation of any indoor space. A sterilised environment will be safer from harmful pathogens and pollutants. It is effective, efficient, safe and a green way to provide added safety, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.”


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