“My Moments with Versa” Giveaway Contest*
(prizes up to RM120,000)

HomeTravel Series Air+Surface Sterilizers
HomeTravel Series l Air+Surface Sterilizers
How to get a FREE Versa 25?*
And stand a chance to win prizes
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Step 1:
Apply Online
(100 applicants will be selected)*

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Step 2:
Selected participants will be notified via email/SMS.

A security deposit RM699 is required to get the Versa 25 - will be reimbursed.*

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Step 3:
A PayPal payment link will be sent to you to pay for the security deposit.

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Step 4:
The Versa Giveaway Contest Package will be delivered. The Package consists of a Versa 25, a powerbank and 3 Versa casings.

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Step 5:
Once you receive the package, you have to start posting in Instagram following the Posting Requirements and Schedule.

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Step 6:
Medklinn will validate your postings to ensure it meets all the requirements.

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Step 7:
Upon successful validation, you will be reimbursed fully.

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Step 8:
The Grand Prize Winners will be announced.

“My Moments with Versa” Contest

This is your chance to win BIG! We value your creativity. Post your most creative photo on Instagram to get the highest votes from your family, friends and our panel of judges.
10 Contestants will be shortlisted to win 3 grand prizes and 7 consolation prizes.

medklinn versa hometravel
Contest Prizes
VersaHomeTravelSeries classic
Grand Prize:

RM3,000 Cash + RM5,000 worth of Medklinn products

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2nd Prize:

RM1,000 Cash + RM2,000 worth of Medklinn products

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3rd Prize:

RM500 Cash + 1 unit of Autoplus Combo Pack (worth RM599)

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Consolation Prizes X7:

Autoplus + RM100 Medklinn cash voucher


Frequently Asked Questions

This contest will run for 1 month. Contest period: 30th March 2019 - 31st May 2019.
You must Apply Online in accordance with the instructions as set out in Medklinn promotional materials.
1) You must be a resident of Malaysia aged 23 years to 55 years. 2) You must have both Instagram and Facebook account. 3) You must ensure that your Instagram and Facebook profile is set to public.
Yes, you have to pay a security deposit of RM699 to receive the Versa Giveaway Contest Package. The security deposit will be reimbursed if you meet all the requirements stated in the Terms & Conditions.
You must Apply Online and follow the steps required.
You must meet all the Posting Requirements and follow the Posting Schedule. 1) You must post on your Instagram & Facebook when you un-box the Versa 25.   2) You must post 2 times per week (every Wednesday & Friday) during the Contest Period.   3) All your posting must follow the weekly theme.   3) All your postings must use the provided posting captions.   4) You must tag medklinn.malaysia on Instagram.   5) All your postings must have these hashtags: #MyMomentswithVersa #AirAndSurfaceSterilizer #Versa #Medklinn #AirPurifier #AirFilter   Click here for more details.
You must post 2 times per week (every Wednesday & Friday) during the Contest Period. Please refer to the detailed Posting Requirements and Posting Schedule.
The Versa Giveaway Contest Package consists of: a) 1 unit of Versa 25 (RM669) b) 3 casings of your preferred colour (RM99 x 3units) c) 1 unit of power bank (RM89) – The Versa can be powered by the power bank provided.
A panel of judges appointed by the Organizer will determine the winners from the ten contestants with the highest votes posting. The judging criteria will be based on the creativeness of the contestants’ postings.
1) First Prize x 1 (RM3000 Cash + RM5000 worth of Medklinn products) 2) Second Prize x 1 (RM1000 Cash + RM2000 worth of Medklinn products) 3) Third Prize x 1 (RM500 Cash + Autoplus Combo Pack (worth RM599)) 4) Consolation Prize x 7 (RM100 Medklinn Gift Voucher + Autoplus (worth RM439 each))
You will be notified via email/SMS/call.
You can submit photos processed and edited by camera applications, editing applications, software, etc. You may submit colour or black and white photos. Superimposed photos are not allowed and will result in disqualification.
You must logon to the Contest Entry Page and share your postings with them.

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