Infectious agents are on surfaces & in the air
cross infection

The reason sharing illness or viral infections is so easy is because viruses and bacteria are spread through the air we breathe and even more so in everything we touch,

What can we possibly do? Viruses and bacteria are too minute for air filters and purifiers to trap. It is also impossible to chemically wipe down everything we touch all day, everyday. In our busy modern lives we cannot completely quarantine the sick from the healthy.


We at Medklinn have an easy and effective solution for such viral infections. Medklinn creates Active Oxygen in your living and working spaces to safely and effectively sterilize your surfaces and air without the use of any air filters or any chemicals.

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Many studies have already proven the effectiveness of ozone gas (O3) in deactivating viruses1 while more recent studies have shown that it is also effective against MERS, SARS, and related Coronavirus infections2 (including Covid-19 which belongs to the same family of viruses).

This means that by operating a Medklinn system in your indoor space, 99.99% of all known viruses3 and bacteria4 can be continuously eliminated 24/7 from the air that you are sharing and most importantly, all of surfaces that you or anybody else touch – table tops, chairs, plush toys, bedding, furniture, common tools and utensils. Kill the viruses and bacteria - break free from the risk of cross infections with Medklinn.


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Other References
Other References

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