Dr. Yap

Initially, I was rather skeptical about the Medklinn Air Sterilizer when I came across it at an exhibition. While comparing this small gadget with those bulky air cleaners, I was wondering if it could really ease my suffering of sinus.
After having a long discussion with the sales personnel to understand how it works, I decided to try it. To my surprise, after a few days of using the Medklinn unit, my usual sneezing in the morning has stopped and I now hardly get any sneezing. With the surprisingly good result, I have bought additional units for my children and my clinic, so that the air is always clean and fresh.
I am now a Medklinn Believer!
Thank you for introducing such an amazing product!

Suraj Andrew

“Medklinn is truly an amazing product. Last Christmas, our contractors only finished painting our living area just 2 days before Christmas. I had heard from a friend that he had used Medklinn unit to neutralize the smell of Durian in his kitchen. So I setup a Medklinn unit in the hall and set it on full. In just over 1 day, all the chemical smell from the paint absolutely disappeared. In fact, other rooms that had been painted before the living room still had a residual smell, but the air in the living area was fresh.”

Mr. Ngu

I bought a new set of 4 floor rubber mats for my Nissan Xtrail. The smell of the mats was so unbearable that I soaked them in detergent for many days. This did not help to eliminate the smell. So I left them in the open under the sun and rains for over 30 days. It helped to minimize the bad smell. I finally put them into my car even though the smell of the mats was still present. I put a Medklinn into my car overnight and found out that the rubber mats smell has been eliminated the next morning. My car now smells fresh with the new set of floor rubber mats.
What an wonderful job Medklinn has done to remove odour so effectively.