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At Medklinn, our vision for the modern food processing and manufacturing business is an operation that consumes significantly less energy, hot water and chemical, optimizes manpower efficiency, yet offers a high standard of hygiene and a more comfortable working environment for employees.

Around-the-clock elimination of both airborne and surface-bound pollutants like bacteria, viruses, mould and unpleasant odour


Ozone Water cleans floors, drains, equipment, surfaces and utensils to disinfect and deodorize without hot water, and can also prevent clogging of sewage pipes

Our high performance kitchen exhaust solution reduces fat deposits which minimizes cleaning frequency and fire hazards, and reduce unpleasant odours

Ozone Water is an FDA and USDA-approved antimicrobial agent on both food and non-food surfaces, for use in the treatment, storage and processing of food

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Keep indoor environment clean and healthy for your guests and staff members. Also applicable for hotels, schools, hospitals, office spaces and other indoor environments.



Eliminate hot water usage and reduce chemical usage in your operation with ozone water. Suitable for general sanitation, central kitchens, refuse chambers, restrooms and many others.


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