The one thing that is easiest to share is the one thing that nobody wants to share: sickness. Wherever people come together to interact, it seems impossible to avoid the spread of bacterial and viral infections.

We witness and experience the domino effect of illness everywhere: Someone gets sick at work, and before you know it, half the office is taking turns being out on sick leave. This is brought home, and in a blink of an eye, the entire family is taking turns getting sick. A child takes it to school, and like wildfire, it soon spreads among other classmates. And this can continue in what may seem like a never-ending cycle.

Infectious agents are in the air and on surfaces

The reason sharing illness is so easy is because bacteria and viruses are spread through the air we breathe as well as everything we touch. So unless we are able to kill bacteria and viruses that are transported through the air and stay on all surfaces we come in contact with, cross infection cannot be effectively contained.

What can we possibly do then to put the breaks on spreading illness, germs, contamination? Air filters and purifiers do not destroy bacteria or viruses. It is impossible to chemically wipe down everything we touch, every single crack and crevice that hides contamination all day, everyday. In our busy modern day lives we cannot completely quarantine the sick from the healthy.

An easy & effective solution

We at Medklinn have an easy and effective solution. Medklinn creates Active Oxygen in your living spaces to safely and effectively sterilize your air and surfaces without the use of any air filters or any chemicals.

This means that by having a Medklinn unit on in your space, 99.99% of all known bacteria and viruses can be continuously eliminated 24/7 from the air that you are sharing and all of surfaces that everybody comes in contact with – desk and table tops, plush toys, bedding, furniture, common tools and utensils. You do not need to share infection if you can get rid of the infection.

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