Our products are powered by Cerafusion™ Technology, which creates Active Oxygen.
Active Oxygen eliminates 99.9% of all bacteria, viruses, allergens, moulds and bad odours in the air and on surfaces.

Nature creates Active Oxygen to clean the environment through:

It is made up of O3 and O- molecules.

The O3 molecule is
made up of
three oxygen atoms.

O3 attaches itself onto
harmful pollutants
and destroys them on
a molecular level.

O- is a negatively-charged
oxygen atom.

O- clusters harmful
airborne particles together,
causing them to fall
to the surface.

Together, they form Active Oxygen, nature’s most powerful sterilizing force,
killing up to 99% of bacteria, viruses, allergens, moulds, and other pollutants
from both air and surfaces in any indoor environment.

The 5 ways Active Oxygen sterilizes your air and surfaces

1. Active Oxygen eliminates bacteria and viruses by:
• Breaking down bacterial cell walls.
• Damaging viral DNA and RNA.

2. Active Oxygen oxidizes Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) like formaldehyde, a cancer causing chemical.

3. Active Oxygen denatures allergens such as dust mite allergens.

4. Active Oxygen eliminates odours such as:

5. Active Oxygen eliminates airborne particles such as:

Test Report with
Cerafusion™ Technology

Bacteria/Mould Type Without Cerafusion™ Technology With Cerafusion™ Technology Test Results

Candida albicans

Common yeast that causes skin and systemic infection

100% killed

Pseudomonas Aeruginosa

Causes eye, ear, and joint infections, hospital-acquired infections, and wound infections

99.99% killed

Escherichia coli

Causes food poisoning, urinary infections, meningitis, and septicaemia

99.99% killed

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aereus

Causes pimples, boils, pneumonia, food poisoning, septicaemia, and hospital acquired infections

100% killed

Rhizopus species

Causes allergic reactions

No mould growth

Bacillus Species

Causes anthrax and food poisoning

100% killed

Comparison of mould growth on exposed bread after 10 days in room temperature in the absence or presence of a MedKlinn Personal Solutions product.

Test Procedure: Bacteria or yeast were spread onto agar plates. The plates were then incubated
in two humidified incubators — one with Cerafusion™ Technology and one without.

Test Conducted by:

Associate Professor Sek C. Chow

Dr Med Sc, Registered Toxicologist (UK)
Monash University, Sunway Campus

Dr. Anne Vaughan

Lecturer, School of Science
Monash University, Sunway Campus

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